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Soulmaking Dharma: Re-enchanting the Cosmos and the Poetry of Perception
Dates: Jan 10, 2020 - Jan 16, 2020
Days: Fri - Thu (6 Nights)

Instructor(s): Catherine McGee

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In this program we will cultivate a sensitive and meditative playfulness with respect to the senses, the body, and the whole experience of being. Relating to our practice as the fashioning and tuning of an instrument of perception, we will explore our seeing and sensing not as ‘revealers of truth’ but as ‘arts’ – opening us to our freedom but also beyond it to an infinite field of potential enchantment, depth, beauty, and meaningfulness, and giving to everything, including our sufferings, a necessary place. Inquiring into the barriers–emotional, ideological, and practical–that can prevent this opening, constrain its range, or render it ineffectual for our lives, we will explore the nature of an enchantment without clinging. 

Applications for this course close on September 15, 2019.

Learning Intentions: 

To develop meditative sensitivity and playfulness with respect to the senses, the body and the whole experience of being; to relate to our practice as the fashioning and tuning of an instrument of perception; to recognize and discriminate between an enchantment rooted in emptiness and a reified enchantment; to inquire into and work with the barriers to soulfulness–emotional, ideological, and practical; to gain a more thorough working knowledge of the dynamics of soulfulness. 

Noble Silence and Mindful Speech: 

This mostly silent program will have occasional contemplative exercises that may involve speaking and listening, and there will be several periods designated for optional non-silent engagement during the course. 


This course requires completion of the Foundations of Soulmaking online course as well as practice experience with these talks