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Mindfulness of Breathing
Dates: Mar 14, 2019 - Mar 21, 2019
Days: Thu - Thu (7 Nights)

Instructor(s): Bhikkhu Analayo

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This course will undertake a study of the ten perceptions taught in the Girimānanda-sutta (AN 10.60), which culminate in the sixteen steps of mindfulness of breathing. The course is meant for experienced meditation practitioners who wish to deepen their understanding and practice. The emphasis throughout will be on what is of practical relevance to actual meditation practice. The program will combine study and discussion sessions in the mornings with silent meditation practice during the rest of the day. Ann Dillon will be assisting throughout the course which is intended for those who have attended previous courses on Satipatthana by Bhikkhu Analayo, or have read his books on the subject.

Required reading in preparation for the course: Anālayo, Mindfully Facing Disease and Death, Windhorse Publications (2017). Also recommended: Anālayo, Perspectives on Satipaṭṭhāna, Windhorse (2013) and Anālayo, Satipaṭṭhāna: the Direct Path to Realization, Windhorse (2003).

Learning Intentions:

To cultivate in one's meditation practice the sixteen steps of mindfulness of breathing.

Experience Level:

Prerequisite–Participants need to be familiar with Bhikkhu Analayo’s approach to the Satipatthana–particularly the hindrances and the awakening factors–by having sat a previous retreat with him on this topic. Please list on your lottery application. In case participants have been unable to attend one of his previous retreats, it would in principle be possible to acquire the required foundations by relying on his recently published Satipatthana Meditation Practice Guide (2018), if this is used in conjunction with the audio files that offer his guided instructions. Please provide details on how much time you have been able to invest in this form of preparation in case you wish to apply without having sat a previous course.

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  • Bhikkhu Anālayo is a scholar-monk and the author of numerous books on meditation and early Buddhisn, such as Satipatthāna: The Direct Path to RealizationPerspectives on Satipatthāna, and Satipatthāna Meditation: A Practice Guide. He is a Faculty Member at the Barre Center for Buddhist Studies, having retired from being a professor at the Numata Center for Buddhist Studies at the University of Hamburg. His main area of academic research is early Buddhism, with a special interest in the topics of meditation and women in Buddhism. At the Barre Center for Buddhist Studies he regularly teaches residential study & practice courses, participates in online programs and undertakes research into meditation-related themes.  For a full list of Bhikkhu Anālayo’s publications, please click here.