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Vedanā: Retracing the Allegedly Obvious
Dates: Jul 08, 2017 - Jul 13, 2017
Days: Sat - Thu (5 Nights)

Instructor(s): Akincano Weber

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For the last 100 years the concept of vedanā–a key term in Buddhist teachings–has been translated mostly as “feeling” or as “sensation”. But is it really either? Indologists and teachers in the West still struggle to find appro­priate terminology for Buddhist tenets. And while the ancient Pāḷi– texts are quite clear about the centrality of vedanā in many teachings (as a nāma-factor, in Dependent arising, the Aggregates, the Satipatthana, the perceptual sequence) its Buddhist understanding neither sits easily with Western intellectual traditions nor overtly maps with the notions put for­ward by either cognitive or affective sciences. This course will chart the meaning of vedanā in Early Indian Buddhism and attempt to naturalize the concept for contemporary contemplative prac­ti­tioners with a view to understanding its significance and identifying ways of effectively practicing with vedanā. This course is designed for experienced meditation practitioners and assumes some familiarity with Pali terms and concepts. There will be textual study sessions, facilitated inquiry, and psychological con­tex­tua­lization. These activities will be framed by several daily meditation sessions. 

  • Akincano M. Weber is a European scholar-practitioner, psychotherapist, and Buddhist teacher. He has lived as a monastic for 20 years in the Forest monasteries of Thailand and Europe, studied Pali and scriptures, and holds an M.A. in Buddhist psychotherapy. He is guiding teacher of Atammaya Cologne, co-founder of Bodhi College, and teaches Dharma, Buddhist Psychology, and meditation internationally.