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Turning Towards the Climate Emergency Together

Online Program
Dates: Oct 05, 2022 - Nov 16, 2022

Instructor(s): Nicola Redfern, Rosalie Dores

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Program Description:

The immensity of the climate challenges we are currently facing has been described by a UN report as a “code red for humanity.” This can feel so overwhelming, that we may find ourselves turning away or feeling powerless or numb. Buddhist scholar and longtime environmental activist, Joanna Macy says,

‘‘Of all the dangers we face from climate chaos, none is so great as the deadening of our response.”

In this seven week program, we will integrate Joanna Macy’s Active Hope work and the relational meditation practice of Insight Dialogue to explore and awaken our capacity to respond to the climate emergency together. We will draw on the power of interpersonal meditation practice in pairs and small groups as well as video/audio materials, short dharma teachings and guided meditations to create a vibrant learning environment. This forging of a community of deep connection offers the conditions for strengthening our resourcefulness, joy and resilience in meeting the challenges before us. 

There will also be optional home practice, readings, podcasts, and the opportunity to buddy up with another program participant for further practice if desired.

This program is recommended for participants who are at the beginning of their journey in responding to the climate emergency and/or practicing Insight Dialogue, as well as those with significant experience in both.

    About the Instructor(s):
  • Nicola Redfern is an Insight Dialogue Retreat Teacher with an extensive background in both Zen and Vipassana meditation.  With a strong belief that awakening is not simply a solo endeavor, Nic is particularly interested in getting meditation off the cushion and fully integrated into life, work, and relationships. She has taught multiple courses on climate emergency, unlearning racism, and Nonviolent Communication, as well as programs for LGBTQIA+. Nicola is originally from the UK and now lives near Santa Fe, NM.