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Touching Nibbana through the Five Spiritual Faculties
Dates: Jul 12, 2019 - Jul 17, 2019
Days: Fri - Wed (5 Nights)

Instructor(s): Willa Thaniya Reid, Elizabeth Day

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The five spiritual faculties (indriya) offer practitioners on-going support for formal meditation practice and daily life. This course offers an in-depth opportunity to practice these five faculties: faith (saddha); energy (viriya); mindfulness (sati); collectedness, or concentration (samadhi); and wisdom (panna). Together, we will consider the faculties as a diagnostic support for the cultivation of an embodied realization of nibbana. Through periods of meditation, chanting and group inquiry we will come to a deeper understanding of how to diagnose the extent of each faculty in our moment-to-moment experience and balance the mind accordingly.

Learning Intentions:

To understand the five faculties and their relationship to one’s practice; explain how the faculties relate to the four noble truths; diagnose the extent of each faculty in the moment-to-moment experience of mind; and apply the five faculties to everyday life.

Experience Level:

Suitable for both beginning and experienced practitioners