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The Sacred Cosmos
Dates: Aug 13, 2021 - Aug 15, 2021
Online Course

Instructor(s): Ajahn Sucitto

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The world that we are born into is obviously subject to change and not a source of lasting peace. But the Buddha’s realization of ‘the world’ goes deeper – to the understanding of ‘the world’ as comprising dependently arising psycho-physical conditions that include the workings of the mind; it becomes a multi-faceted cosmos that we can work within to bring around personal liberation and a fruitful relationship with other creatures. In so doing, the cosmos becomes an arena for the development of values, virtues and vision. We learn to see through its appearance and discern opportunities for respect, compassion, resolve, and relinquishment. The effects of these are world-changing.

In this retreat, Ajahn Sucitto will outline this cosmos in terms of four interacting aspects: one’s body, the sentient universe, one’s mind, and overarching social trends and views. The retreat aims to encourage working with these in a holistic way through ethics, meditative healing, and livelihood. Texts from the Pali Canon will be explored. Each day will consist of talks, meditations, devotions, discussions, and questions and answers. 

The retreat is timed in a way that can include a wide geographical range. Talks will be recorded so that those whose time zone makes live participation impossible can catch up through the recordings. Participants are expected to make a full commitment to attendance and encouraged to take part in the group discussions (a great way to make new connections and enter a global perspective). The costs of the retreat are to be met by the voluntary contributions of those who participate in it.

As we work to become a more inclusive, equitable, and diverse community, we invite feedback/suggestions you may have regarding ways that we can make participation in the program more accessible and welcoming; please email us at contact@buddhistinquiry.org.

Online Retreat: This retreat will be hosted on the Zoom video conferencing platform and closed captions are available. 

Our intention is to build sangha and provide meaningful virtual interactions with each other and with teachers in our online retreats. When registering for this retreat, please plan to attend as many sessions as possible. The schedule of Zoom meetings for this retreat (shown in US Eastern Time) is as follows:

Friday, August 13

3:00 – 5:00 pm, Opening Session

Saturday, August 14

9:00 am – 12:30 pm, Morning Session

3:00 – 5:00 pm, Afternoon Session

Sunday, August 15

9:00 – 11:00 am, Morning Session

12:00 – 1:45 pm, Closing Session

Please check the time of the group meetings in your timezone here.


  • Ajahn Sucitto became a bhikkhu in Thailand in 1976 but returned to live in his native England in 1978, where he has been involved in the founding of several monasteries in the Thai Forest lineage of Ajahn Chah. After being the Abbot of Cittaviveka (Chithurst Buddhist Monastery) for 22 years he is now focused on enjoying the Dhamma. As part of that he offers teachings and retreats.

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