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The Practice, Power, and Challenges of Skillfully Engaging Views (ditthi)

Residential Program
Dates: Jul 02, 2023 - Jul 06, 2023
Days: Sunday - Thursday
Number of Nights: 4 nights

Instructor(s): Akincano Weber

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Program Description:

Our attachment to views often results in our own suffering and conflict with others. Simply trying to be free of views doesn’t work and runs the risk of enacting them unconsciously. What to do with the human proclivity for views? Early Buddhist teachings reveal a layered approach to the phenomenon of diṭṭhi. Wary of their limiting effect and the passion they incite and conscious of the power they hold to motivate and engender wholesomeness, we are given apparently paradoxical advice: to aim for no views and to cultivate appropriate ones. A close reading reveals a number of skillful means to deal with the adoption, evaluation, release, and also the cultivation of views. 

This study-practice program explores different teachings on diṭṭhi and inquires into the present-day psychological strategies of how to understand and release views and how to cultivate wholesome and effective perspectives on the path. Each day will include two daily study-blocks with lectures, reading, and exploration in small groups, framed by meditation in sitting, walking, and noble silence.

Noble Silence:
Noble silence will be observed following each evening session through breakfast the following morning. Additional silent practice periods will be scheduled throughout the program.

Experience Level:
Suitable for intermediate and advanced practitioners.
    About the Instructor(s):
  • Akincano M. Weber is a European Buddhist teacher and psychotherapist (MA). A former monk, he has lived and practised for 20 years in European and Thai Forest monasteries. Particular interests are early Buddhist texts, stillness, and contemplative psychology. He is the guiding teacher of Atammaya Cologne, Germany, and teaches meditation and Buddhist Psychology in secular and traditional contexts in Europe and overseas.