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The Past Is Not Gone: The Practice of Timelessness (Akalika)

Online Program
Dates: Oct 30, 2023 - Nov 13, 2023

Instructor(s): Cuong Lu

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Program Description:

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We often live with an old-fashioned time model and believe the past is gone, and things we have done in the past seem irreparable. Because of this misunderstanding, we often have feelings of guilt or regret that influence our thinking, speaking, and acting without us being aware of how our attachments to the past are influencing our thoughts and behavior in the present.

Yet we can still restore everything from the past. That is the power of wisdom and insight–we can see where there is suffering and where there is happiness. There is no separation between the past, present, and future. Touch the past with our wisdom, and everything comes alive. The teachings of the Buddha offer us a pathway to connect with our past in a way that brings insight and attention into the present. 

The past is not gone. With this wisdom, we can recognize our feelings of guilt and regret in everyday life. We can transform these feelings into compassion and understanding. In this online series, we will be working with our experience of the past by engaging with the Buddhist teachings of acceptance, compassion, and wisdom. 

We will begin each session with a short guided meditation, so we can breathe together, mostly in silence. Then Cuong Lu will offer a talk, followed by a question-and-answer period. During his talk, Cuong will continue to bring forward teachings and practices to guide our way toward profound quiet within. The only recommendation is to be open to letting the words enter your heart, to feel what is being offered as it enters you. It may be easiest if you listen deeply without even taking notes. Doing so will help you connect with your own inner wisdom and compassion. There are no prerequisites for this program.