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The Healing Power of Innate Love and Wisdom
Dates: Jun 19, 2016 - Jun 26, 2016
Days: Sun - Sun (7 Nights)

Instructor(s): John Makransky, Julie Forsythe, Bob Morrison

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To be a healing and compassionate presence to others, we need to heal deep within.  For that, we need to connect to a more open, unconditional part of our being, a basic kindness and compassion available in the background of our experience, in our basic awareness.  In this retreat, meditation practices from Tibet are adapted for fresh access to Westerners, with special focus on innate capacities of loving compassion and wisdom. To receive love deeply and extend it impartially can help the mind release into its most natural state—the wisdom of openness, simplicity and presence beyond self-clinging.   By resting in its natural state, the mind can deeply relax, heal, and further unleash its innate capacity of loving compassion.  When this unity of love and wisdom is embodied in relationships, service and action, it can become a deeply healing power for our world.  The ancient path of awakening from the Buddha is rediscovered by paying new attention to the particulars of our lives.

Participants should read the book Awakening Through Love by John Makransky prior to the course.

  • Julie Forsyth has been practicing Dzogchen meditations of compassion and wisdom with Lama John Makransky since 1995. She is a co-founder and Associate Teacher of the Foundation for Active Compassion. She is an Assistant Professor at Landmark College in Putney, Vermont, serving learning-disabled college students.

  • John Makransky is Associate Professor of Buddhism and Comparative Theology at Boston College, senior academic advisor for Ranjung Yeshe Institute's Centre for Buddhist Studies in Nepal and President of the Society of Buddhist-Christian studies. John is the developer of the Sustainable Compassion Training (SCT) model, and co-founder of the Courage of Care Coalition and the Foundation for Active Compassion, organizations that train people in sustainable care and compassion. John's academic writings have focused on concepts and practices of Indo-Tibetan Buddhism, on adapting Buddhist practices to address contemporary needs, and on theoretical issues in interfaith learning. For the past fifteen years, John has taught ways to cultivate sustainable care and compassion, adapted from Buddhism in newly accessible ways, to educators, healthcare givers, social workers, psychotherapists, social and ecological activists, and those who work with prisoners, at-risk youth, the hungry, and the dying.

  • Bob Morrison has been studying and practicing with teachers in the Dzogchen tradition of Tibetan Buddhism since 1994. He is a guiding teacher with Foundation for Active Compassion, sharing Tibetan-based practices of compassion and wisdom, and a meditation teacher with Natural Dharma Fellowship, where he also mentors students in year-long meditation training programs. As a cancer survivor, his special interests include embracing the challenges of life-threatening illness as spiritual opportunities.