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The Four Dharma Seals: Finding Freedom in the Here and Now

Online Program
Dates: Aug 23, 2023 - Sep 13, 2023

Instructor(s): Anam Thubten

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Program Description:

The four Dharma seals of Buddhism are principles, or philosophical parameters, that define the Buddhist path. They state that first, all compounded things are impermanent; second, all contaminated things are suffering; third, all phenomena are empty and devoid of self; and fourth, nirvana is the true peace. In Theravada Buddhism three dharma seals are often taught; whereas, in the Mahayana Buddhist tradition the four seals are taught. Anam Thubten will offer talks and guided meditations on the four seals to support participants in cultivating an experiential understanding of each seal. 

The four Dharma seals are not only principles of Buddhist doctrine but are also a living truth that is reflected in our everyday lives. The understanding of these seals provides insight into our human condition and allows us to cut through the very root of suffering and find freedom in the here and now. In this program, participants will not only study the theoretical aspects of these four seals but will learn how to enter into a deepened experience of them and apply their insights in daily life.