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Shining the Light of Awareness on Fear
Dates: Sep 02, 2017
Days: Sat

Instructor(s): Michael Grady

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Within the framework of Buddha's teaching on the four noble truths, and drawing on methods grounded in vipassana practice, we will explore ways to respond to fear with equanimity, wisdom, and compassion. By including the many expressions of fear such as anxiety, worry, and self-doubt in the field of dharma practice, we can liberate our hearts and minds from the burden of fear. By shining the light of awareness on fear when it arises, we learn to relax and trust in our capacity to meet the inherent difficulties that we encounter in human life with greater faith in the power of awareness to heal and free the mind from suffering.


**** Housing is now full for Friday and Saturday nights ***   Class participants who also enroll in Sunday's class with Chris Ives (Spaciousness: De-cluttering Our Minds, Speech, and Daily Actions, Sept. 3, 2017) may stay at BCBS Saturday night,  without charge. Please let us know if you will be attending both and want a room for Sept. 2 in the Additional Comments box near the bottom of the registration form. If you wish to stay Friday night, please check the box next to: "I would like to stay one additional night before the opening day of the course."  The usual extra night fee of $40 will be charged for Friday night.