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Setting Out: An Integrated Study and Practice Retreat for 18-32 Year Olds

Residential Program
Dates: Aug 03, 2016 - Aug 10, 2016
Days: Wednesday - Wednesday
Number of Nights: 7 nights

Instructor(s): Jake Davis, Acariya U Hla Myint

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Program Description:

This program is designed for young people to come together as a community to integrate study and practice of the teachings found in the Pāli discourses. We will test out for ourselves the suggestion that both meditative quiet and also penetrative intellectual understanding are important conditions for obtaining “the wisdom from which the spiritual life sets out.” (AN 8:2) The daily schedule will include silent meditation practice in the morning and evening, with instructions and group interviews. In afternoon classroom sessions, we will examine the teachings on cultivating the heart and mind found in the Pāli Nikāyas. The aim of the program will be to use the study of these teachings to guide and motivate our meditation practice, and to use the meditation periods to guide and motivate our intellectual study. Note: This program opens the same day that the IMS Young Adult Retreat closes in order to allow for folks to transition directly to BCBS. It is not required that you attend the IMS retreat, but as a way of fostering a strong practice community during this program, we do require that you have sat at least one vipassanā or insight retreat of five days or longer.