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Setting Conscious Intentions for Our Lives and World for 2023

Online Program
Dates: Dec 17, 2022 - Dec 18, 2022

Instructor(s): Deborah Eden Tull

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Program Description:

"Energy is our most precious resource, for it is the means through which we transform our creative potential into meaningful action." Tarthang Tulku

Buddhist traditions have long emphasized the importance of setting clear and supportive intentions in our ethical and spiritual life. In this year-end online program, you will be invited to listen deeply, reflect, restore, and create anew. You will be invited on an embodied journey bridging personal and collective awakening. Rather than setting New Year's resolutions based on the myth of self-improvement, we will set intentions from the heart of our being, supporting each other in moving beyond limiting beliefs and the illusion of separate self.

Grounded in Buddhist traditions and acknowledging the gravity of the times we face, we will seek to cultivate compassion, clear-seeing, and possibility through meditation and mindful inquiry, dharma talks, relational mindfulness, reflective writing, and somatic practices.

In our time together, we will compassionately explore such questions as:

What are my deepest intentions for the year ahead, for my life, and for our world in this age of global change?

What lessons and hidden gems are there to harvest from 2022?

What obstacles or limiting beliefs is it time to release, let go, and forgive – personally and on behalf of our collective? How do I let go of limiting beliefs?

What is emerging through me and what is my practice in response to changes in our world?

How can I fully engage the source of my deepest power and my peace?

And how can my dharma practice support me in cultivating greater balance and personal sustainability in my life?

The transition to a New Year beckons with possibility and renewal. If we open to this invitation with wonder, curiosity, and courage, we can touch into wise-hearted guidance within and also the embrace and support of the world around us.

    About the Instructor(s):
  • Deborah Eden Tull, founder of Mindful Living Revolution, is a Zen meditation and engaged dharma teacher, author, spiritual activist, and sustainability educator. She emphasizes the connection between personal awakening and collective transformation. Eden spent 7 years training as a Buddhist monk at a silent Zen monastery. Her teaching style is grounded in mindful inquiry, fierce compassion, and the essential wisdom of nature, drawing upon diverse wisdom streams to make timeless teachings relevant to today’s world.