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Sacred Justice for Our World: Embodying Compassion and Equanimity

Residential Program
Dates: Nov 03, 2023 - Nov 06, 2023
Days: Friday - Monday
Number of Nights: 3 nights

Instructor(s): Kaira Jewel Lingo, Konda Mason

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Course Description:

This program will support and resource activists and community organizers, as well as practitioners looking to engage more directly in justice work as spiritual practice. It will give us the opportunity to come home to ourselves to do the inner resourcing necessary for the outward work of taking care of communities and the planet. The path of mindfulness offered by the Buddha helps us cultivate a clear mind, as well as understanding and compassion, so we can avoid burnout and to ensure that we do not perpetuate the injustices we seek to change. It also helps us to be and to cultivate the beloved community we wish to manifest.

We will explore the role of compassion and equanimity in keeping us balanced in our justice work so that we don't burn out in our caring. With both of these qualities, we can stay grounded and resourced. Without equanimity, our compassion can turn into compassion fatigue, we can outpour to an extent that we become exhausted or overly identified with the situation. And compassion can help to ground our equanimity in the real suffering that is ever-present so that our hearts stay open and connected to the juicy and wholesome nectar of loving kindness and deep care. 

In this program, informed by the diverse traditions of Socially Engaged Buddhism, we will slow down and reconnect with ourselves and each other through sitting and walking meditation, vegetarian meals enjoyed in noble silence, talks from the teachers, sharing in small groups, InterPlay–an improvisational practice that unlocks the wisdom and joy of the body–and other body wisdom practices.

Noble Silence:
Noble silence will be observed following each evening session through breakfast the following morning. Additional silent practice periods will be scheduled throughout the program.

Experience Level:
Suitable for beginning and experienced practitioners.


Engagement in some kind of social justice work already or interest in engaging more.


Our intention with this lottery application system is to prioritize those already engaged in social justice work. The lottery applications will close at 11:59 PM US Eastern Time on July 28th and spaces will be offered by August 5th. Payment will be due three days from notification of acceptance. Click for more information about our lottery programs. 

Cancellation Policy:
If you need to cancel your registration, please contact us as soon as possible. If you cancel two or more weeks before a program begins, cancellation fees are $50 for all programs longer than two nights and $25 for weekend programs. If you cancel less than two weeks before your program begins, your full deposit is forfeited. If you received financial assistance, cancellation fees are $50 for all programs longer than two nights and $25 for weekend programs. All cancellation fees support our Scholarship Funds.

Covid-19 Safety Protocol:
Please review our Covid-19 Safety Protocols here: https://www.buddhistinquiry.org/covid-19/.

As we work to become a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive community, we invite feedback/suggestions you may have regarding ways that we can make participation in the program more accessible and welcoming. Please email us at contact@buddhistinquiry.org.
    About the Instructor(s):
  • Kaira Jewel Lingo began practicing mindfulness in 1997, teaching Buddhist meditation, secular mindfulness, and compassion internationally. After living as an ordained nun for 15 years in Thich Nhat Hanh’s monastic community, Kaira Jewel teaches in the Zen lineage and the Vipassana tradition, at the intersection of racial, climate and social justice with a focus on activists, Black/Indigenous/People of Color, artists, educators, families, and youth. Now based in New York, she offers spiritual mentoring to individuals and groups. She is author of the forthcoming We Were Made for These Times: Skilfully Moving through Change, Loss and Disruption (Parallax, November 2, 2021)

  • Konda Mason is a social entrepreneur, eco-spiritual thought leader, mindfulness teacher and justice advocate working at the intersection of social and financial justice and planetary healing. Konda was introduced to Tibetan Buddhism in 1982. Her love for Vipassana began in 1996, working with Jack Kornfield at the Vallecitos Retreat Center. She has taught at Spirit Rock since 1997, starting as a yoga teacher.  Konda’s dharma training includes the East Bay Meditation Center Commit to Dharma program, Spirit Rock Community Dharma Leader and she is a graduate of the 2020 Spirit Rock Teacher Training program. Konda teaches daylongs, retreats and workshops.