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It’s All About View: The First Stage of Awakening (ISP Continuation Module)

Residential Program
Dates: Jun 01, 2018 - Jun 05, 2018
Days: Friday - Tuesday
Number of Nights: 4 nights

Instructor(s): Gloria Taraniya Ambrosia

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Course Description:

As serious practitioners, the first stage of awakening, sotāpanna or stream enterer, merits our attention because, presumably, this is what most of us are working on. Three of the ten fetters (samyojana) are uprooted at this stage—skeptical doubt (vicikicchā), attachment to rites and rituals (sīlabataparāmāsa), and self-identity view (sakkāyadtthi). During this four-day course we will explore the meaning of each of these with an eye toward understanding them and eventually uprooting them. This course is intended for graduates of the ISP Program or the Entering the Path Online course, both offered earlier at BCBS. It will include contemplation of the suttas, Dharma talks and reflections on this topic, and group discussions. Most of the day will be spent in silent meditation practice, directly and experientially exploring the material covered in the teachings.

    About the Instructor(s):
  • Gloria Taraniya Ambrosia has been a Dhamma teacher since 1990. She is a student of the western forest sangha, the disciples of Ajahn Sumedho and Ajahn Chah, and is a Lay Buddhist Minister in association with Abhayagiri Buddhist Monastery in California. She served as resident teacher of IMS in Barre, Massachusetts from 1996 through 1999.