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Five Skillful Habits for Cultivating a Life of Wisdom and Compassion
Dates: Jul 06, 2018 - Jul 08, 2018
Days: Fri - Sun (2 Nights)

Instructor(s): Lynette Monteiro, Frank Musten

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From a Buddhist perspective, an optimal life involves cultivation of ethics (sila), or mindful living, supported by wisdom and compassion. The development of wisdom is, in turn, based in the cultivation of skillful attention–we locate ourselves in choices that reflect our values and stay away from those that do not. The development of compassion arises out of the willingness to fully attend to and acknowledge the suffering of others. From this deep connection emerges a desire to help alleviate suffering for all living beings. Together, wisdom and compassion form the ethics-based foundations of a mindfulness practice. This course uses the Satipatthana Sutta of the Buddha to reflect upon and explore the five skillful habits of respect for life, generosity, healthy boundaries, skillful speech, and mindful consumption. In our reflections, these five skillful habits inform the optimal life of ethics, wisdom, and compassion without falling into empathy fatigue or emotional exhaustion. The learning objectives of the course are: understanding the foundational aspects of mindfulness as a path to wisdom and compassion; using the five skillful habits in everyday life interactions; and exploring skills to reconnect with our life-work in a way that sustains us, protecting us from fatigue and burnout. 

  • Lynette Monteiro (PhD) is a registered psychologist, Clinical Professor at the University of Ottawa and co-founder of the Ottawa Mindfulness Clinic. She developed mindfulness-based symptom management (MBSM) as an ethics-focused program for mental health and specializes in the treatment of pain/chronic illness and PTSD. Director of Training at the OMC, she has authored several articles on the topic of ethics in mindfulness, co-authored the book Mindfulness Starts Here with Frank Musten and blogs at 108 Zen Books.

  • Frank Musten (PhD) is a registered psychologist, Clinical Professor at the University of Ottawa and co-founder at the Ottawa Mindfulness Clinic. He specializes in developing mindfulness programs for organizational change and the treatment of burnout and PTSD in high performance professionals. He has developed the Mindful Bridge Back to Work as a return-to-work program. His publications cover the topic of cultivating ethics in organizations through mindfulness and he is co-author of Mindfulness Starts Here with Lynette Monteiro.