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Dukkha, the Suffering that Leads to the End of Suffering
Dates: Sep 08, 2018 - Sep 12, 2018
Days: Sat - Wed (4 Nights)

Instructor(s): Ajahn Jayanto

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Dukkha–and its cessation–the Buddha said, was what he was interested in teaching us. Often translated as suffering or dis-ease, dukkha is difficult to articulate yet familiar to everyone. What is happiness, and what is freedom–in our experience? While dukkha itself is not the way to happiness, understanding it with the wisdom that uproots it is. By learning to establish ourselves in the "right view" which sees dukkha and its causes for what they are, we learn to stop running from our suffering and instead appreciate it as an opportunity for insight and freedom. It can become "the suffering that leads to the end of suffering"–no longer a problem but the stuff of practice which helps us on our way. Using teachings on the Four Noble Truths to explore our own experience, we will use a meditation retreat format with Noble Silence throughout, and times for questions and dialogue.