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Buddhism and the Ecological Challenge
Dates: Oct 07, 2016 - Oct 09, 2016
Days: Fri - Sun (2 Nights)

Instructor(s): David Loy

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Many contemporary Buddhist thinkers and practitioners are struggling with the issue of ecological crisis now looming large on our planet. This challenge is quite unlike anything else in the history of Buddhism. How can Buddhist teachings help us understand and respond to this crisis? And what does the ecological crisis imply about our understanding and practice of Buddhism? Is the eco-crisis also a crisis for contemporary Buddhism? We will discuss together the various implications for us as individuals and for society as a whole.

  • David R. Loy is especially interested in the conversation between Buddhism and modernity. His books include A New Buddhist Path, Ecodharma: Buddhist teachings for the Ecological Crisis, Nonduality, Lack and Transcendance, A Buddhist History of the West, The Great Awakening, Money Sex War Karma and The World Is Made of Stories. A Zen practitioner for many years, he is qualified as a teacher in the Sanbo Zen tradition.