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Breathing with Mindfulness of Body, Feelings, Mind & Realities
Dates: Mar 25, 2018 - Mar 30, 2018
Days: Sun - Fri (5 Nights)

Instructor(s): Santikaro

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In Buddha's preferred meditation system, breathing is the foundation, container, and entry into contemplative pilgrimage to the 'holy lands' of body, feelings, mind, and realities (satipatthana). When mindfulness with breathing (Pali: anapanasati) is taken as a whole, it fosters awakening every step of the way. Yet the terse formulae of suttas have been interpreted in many ways, often fostering perplexity in new and experienced meditators, leading many to opt for less profound and complete systems.  This workshop offers accessible entryways into the domains mapped in this original Buddhist teaching. Through a series of guided practices followed by debriefing conversations we will get a toehold on the territories of mindful exploration. Our emphasis will be skillful practice with theory supplied only as needed. We will practice within noble silence and relaxed retreat conditions. Periods of silent sitting and walking will allow individuals to explore the many facets of  mindfulness with breathing at their own paces. Break out groups will be available for those who seek more background information and theory. This course is suitable for both newcomers and experienced meditators.