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Brahmavihāra and Emptiness: A 6-Day Online Practice Course
Dates: Oct 23, 2020 - Oct 29, 2020
Online Course

Instructor(s): Bhikkhu Analayo, Ann Dillon, Francisco Morillo Gable, Linda Grace

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This course will undertake a study of brahmavihāra meditation and the gradual entry into emptiness as described in the Cūḷasuññata Sutta (Shorter Discourse on Emptiness), relating both of these modes of practice to progress to awakening. The emphasis throughout the course will be on what is of practical relevance to actual meditation practice. 

This 6-day online practice course will include daily live Q&A sessions with Bhikkhu Anālayo (via Zoom, not recorded), daily (pre-recorded) video lectures and guided meditations, online discussion forums, and an optional small group discussion session (via Zoom). Depending on one’s individual situation and preference, this course offering is suitable for integrating into daily life, or can be used to support home-based retreat.

This course is meant for experienced practitioners of meditation who wish to deepen their understanding and practice. Participants need to be familiar with Bhikkhu Anālayo’s approach to Satipatthāna – particularly the hindrances and the awakening factors – and preferably with Mindfulness of Breathing also, by having sat a previous retreat or attended a residential study-practice course with him, or completed his online Satipatthāna course. Please provide dates and locations during the registration process. If you do not meet the prerequisite listed above, please do not proceed with registration.

Online Course: Our intention is to build sangha and provide meaningful virtual interactions with each other and teachers in our online courses. When registering for an online course, please note that you should plan to commit to attending all scheduled sessions. The schedule of Zoom meetings for this course (shown in US Eastern Time) is as follows:

Friday, October 23 - Thursday, October 29, 10:30-11:15  AM (The first meeting on October 23 is an optional welcome meeting.)

Please check the time of the group meetings in your timezone here, and please note that sessions will not be recorded.

  • Bhikkhu Anālayo is a scholar-monk and the author of numerous books on meditation and early Buddhisn, such as Satipatthāna: The Direct Path to RealizationPerspectives on Satipatthāna, and Satipatthāna Meditation: A Practice Guide. He is a Faculty Member at the Barre Center for Buddhist Studies, having retired from being a professor at the Numata Center for Buddhist Studies at the University of Hamburg. His main area of academic research is early Buddhism, with a special interest in the topics of meditation and women in Buddhism. At the Barre Center for Buddhist Studies he regularly teaches residential study & practice courses, participates in online programs and undertakes research into meditation-related themes.  For a full list of Bhikkhu Anālayo’s publications, please click here.

  • Ann Dillon sat her first formal insight retreat in 2004, and her first concentration retreat in 2008. Over time her interests gravitated to the early Buddhist teachings, especially in the way meditative practice highlights conditionality and supports concurrent cultivation of insight and tranquility leading to development and culmination of the awakening factors.

  • Francisco Morillo Gable studies and practices Early Buddhism with Bhikkhu Anālayo and Gil Fronsdal (Insight Meditation Center, IMC).  After fifteen years of rehabilitation with the Dhamma following an accident in 2003 that rendered him disabled, and after completing several training programs at Spirit Rock Meditation Center and IMC, he devoted himself to sharing teachings.  The focus is serving underserved groups and the greater Spanish speaking world.  He was born and raised in the Dominican Republic until ten years old.

  • Linda Grace began meditating when she was quite young, and came to Buddhist practice in 1999. She is grateful to DaeJa Napier, her first teacher, who introduced her to the Brahmavihārā which have continued to be an integral part of her practice. She has been studying and practicing with Ven Anālayo since 2011. Her primary interest is ‘Early Buddhism’ (and the interweaving of study and meditation), in particular the teachings on dependent arising, emptiness and compassion. These teachings have also been invaluable to her in dealing with long-term illness.

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