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Ānāpānasati as a Vehicle for Awakening
Dates: Mar 11, 2022 - Mar 16, 2022
Days: Fri - Wed (5 Nights)

Instructor(s): Ayya Santussika

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The Buddha declared that skillful practice of mindfulness of breathing (ānāpānasati) fulfills the four foundations of mindfulness and in turn the seven factors of enlightenment (bojjhaṅgā), leading us to complete liberation from suffering. In this retreat, we will study the Ānāpānasati Sutta (Majjhima Nikāya 118) for application and inspiration. We will deepen our understanding and develop our dexterity with the 16 ānāpānasati instructions, which constitute the most detailed meditation guidance offered by the Buddha. As we strengthen our skills, we will emphasize applying them in cultivating the seven factors of enlightenment.

Noble Silence: 

Noble silence will be observed throughout the retreat except during study sessions or when we are sharing our experience.

Experience Level:

This course is suitable for both beginning and experienced practitioners.

  • Ayya Santussika is a Theravada bhikkhuni who is trained and practicing in the Thai Forest tradition. Her faith in the Dhamma developed during many visits to monasteries of Ajahn Chah and his disciples in Thailand, America, England, New Zealand, and Australia beginning in 1998. She has been training as a nun since 2005 in large and small monasteries in both England and America. In 2012, she received full ordination as a bhikkhuni and founded Karuna Buddhist Vihara, where she currently lives, located in the Santa Cruz Mountains near Boulder Creek, California. Her Dhamma teachings are primarily based on the Pali suttas.

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