Spring 2002

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Skinny Gotamī and the Mustard Seed

  After flowing-on for a hundred thousand ages, she evolved in this Buddha-era among gods

Full Ordination for Nuns Restored in Sri Lanka

After a hiatus of one thousand years, Theravadin women once more have the opportunity to

Dharma Rain

Mother Rain S 1:80 vuṭṭhi alasam analasañca mātā puttaṃ va posati vuṭṭhibhūtā upajīvanti ye pāṇā

A Beautiful Paradox

Paula, I know you would not describe yourself as a dharma teacher, and yet you

The Buddha Taught Nonviolence, Not Pacifism

Paul Fleischman is a psychiatrist and a Teacher of vipassanā meditation in the tradition of

Zazen Is Not the Same as Meditation

These remarks are excerpted from course handouts given by Rev. Fujita at a workshop called