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The Work of Diversity: A Deeper Engagement

Learn more about Sebene’s upcoming course at BCBS this May on Buddha’s Teachings and Issues

Alagaddūpama Sutta~The Discourse on the Snake Simile

  The Discourse on the Snake Simile (Alagaddūpama Sutta) ~ Majjhima Nikāya 22 Translated by

The Work of Diversity: Getting Messy, Getting Uncomfortable

Insight Journal: There’s a lot of talk about diversity going on right now in every

Vedanā Part 2: Addressing Views and Clinging at the Source

This is Part 2 of a two-part interview on Vedanā with Bhikkhu Anālayo. Read Part

Vedanā Part 1: Addressing Views and Clinging at the Source

Read Part 2 of this Interview. IJ: Bhante, thanks so much for being with us

Practicing Your Way Out of Doubt, Synthesizing Styles, and the Underground Abhidhamma

Find out more about Steve’s course at BCBS this September 23 – 28, 2016, Mindfulness,

Coming Clean on Diversity and Staying in Love with Practice

Insight Journal: I often hear people saying some version of, “I sit 30 minutes a

Mindfulness in Different Buddhist Traditions

In modern day meditation circles, different understandings of mindfulness frequently exist side by side. Finding

The Convergence of Vedanā, Our Mammalian Physiology, and Awakening

Insight Journal: The title of your course at BCBS this coming August is “The Convergence