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Wise Speech: An Introduction to Mindful Communication

Online Program
Dates: Jun 22, 2020 - Jul 22, 2020

Instructor(s): Oren Jay Sofer

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Program Description:

Communication sits at the heart of our lives – personally, professionally, and spiritually. This six-week online course offers training in the foundations of an integrated approach to communication.

Drawing upon the Buddha’s teachings on the Noble Eightfold Path, mindfulness and Right Speech, plus the modern disciplines of Nonviolent Communication and trauma healing, the curriculum offers concrete tools to hold one’s own while still hearing others, and to engage effectively and efficiently in collaboration. You will learn to:

  • Engage in effective dialogue
  • Feel more confident in conversation
  • Strengthen your capacities for empathy and resilience
  • Identify and stay focused on what really matters in any interaction

Through a combination of mindfulness practices, guided reflections, and interactive exercises, you will develop a stronger sense of presence, greater access to compassion, and more versatile, clearer communication. This class is appropriate for both experienced and newer students, therapists, school teachers, chaplains and other helping professionals. Questions?


  • Teachings on a key aspect of meditation and communication
  • Expert instruction on integrating meditation into conversation
  • Guided meditations on cognitive, emotional and somatic aspects of communication
  • Illustrative examples of the intersection between spiritual practice and relationship
  • Meetings will be recorded and uploaded within 24-36 hours for those who cannot attend.


  • Live interactive Q&A with the teacher (during classes)
  • Weekly practice assignments and journal topics
  • Optional weekly calls with a practice buddy
  • Lifetime access to course recordings (audio and video)

For further information and Frequently Asked Questions, please visit Oren's webpage here.

Experience Level:
Suitable for beginning and experienced practitioners.