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Finding Freedom: An Insight Dialogue Retreat
Dates: Apr 10, 2019 - Apr 16, 2019
Days: Wed - Tue (6 Nights)

Instructor(s): Nicola Redfern, Phyllis Hicks

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The triad of gratification, danger and escape is one of the Buddha's most incisive teachings for investigating the roots of every day experiences that lead to habituation, stress, and suffering and also, to their release. In this retreat we will examine closely the felt sense and the mechanics of gratification, the dangers of habitual gratification, and the path and practices of escape/freedom. When experience is directly known in the here and now, true investigation into the nature of suffering and its release begins. Anchored in wisdom and compassion, insight arises, and the heart-mind can renew its wholesome intentions. With concerted practice, confidence in this path of release grows strong.

We will come together to practice Insight Dialogue, an interpersonal process that brings together meditative awareness (e.g., mindfulness, concentration), the wisdom teachings of the Buddha, and the power of relationship to support insight into the nature, causes, and release of human suffering. In solo silent meditation, and meditating in dialogue with one another, we will cultivate inquiry into this shared human experience and touch the possibility of awakening alone and together. This retreat welcomes both beginners and long time Insight Dialogue practitioners.

Learning Intentions:

To learn guidelines for increasing awareness in the moment of interpersonal contact; support the cultivation of continuous meditation practice throughout the day; and gain a felt sense of the release and freedom that is available when mindfulness is brought to this triad of gratification, danger and escape.

Experience Level:

Prerequisite required–one week-long silent meditation retreat.

  • Nicola Redfern is an Insight Dialogue teacher with an extensive background in both Zen and Vipassana meditation. She has been trained to teach Insight Dialogue by founding teacher Gregory Kramer. With a strong belief that awakening is not simply a solo endeavor, Nicola is particularly interested in getting meditation off the cushion and fully integrated into life, work, and relationships. She has also taught Nonviolent Communication and co-teaches courses on unlearning racism. Nicola lives in Santa Fe, NM.

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