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Awakening in Relationship: Our Bodhisattva Embodiment
Dates: Feb 22, 2018 - Feb 25, 2018
Days: Thu - Sun (3 Nights)

Instructor(s): Robert Chodo Campbell, Koshin Paley Ellison

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In this weekend program we will explore teachings from three celestial bodhisattvas who are embodiments of Wisdom, Compassion and Vigor. With Avalokitesvara, Manjusri and Samantabhadra as our guides, respectively, for these embodiments, we will look at the ways in which we can deepen our relationships with ourselves, friends, partners, and those in the world around us. We will have periods of meditation, dharma talks and experiential learning. Though not required, the weekend might be even more creative and inspirational if you were to bring someone with you.