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Margit Galanter

Margit Galanter is a dance poet and movement culture agent living on Huichin, Ohlone Land, aka California, East Bay. Margit’s fascination regarding the construction and value of movement has drawn her to embodied research for decades, spanning the realms of teaching, practice, performance, and larger-scale nature-culture projects. In the past few years, Margit has been focusing mainly in two realms; the first is Cave Forms, a long-term exploration in performance, nourishment, fecundity and the environment, and the second is the vivid grove — a live art school for moving, learning, creative evolution, and collective liberatory practices.

Margit stewards several movement/art lineages (including Wild Goose Qigong, Amerta Movement, Tuning Scores, The Feldenkrais Method) and is author and editor of several writings, including co-editing Embodied Lives: Reflections on the Influence of Suprapto Suryodarmo and Amerta Movement.

Margit is dedicated to the prisms of cultural inquiry, conversation, perceptual vibrancy, and nourishing life.

pronouns: she/they/dyke/margit

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