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Ann Dillon

Ann Dillon sat her first formal insight retreat in 2004, and her first concentration retreat in 2008. Over time her interests gravitated to the early Buddhist teachings, especially in the way meditative practice highlights conditionality and supports concurrent cultivation of insight and tranquility leading to development and culmination of the awakening factors. Deepening understanding and practice of the liberating teachings on satipatthana and anapanasasi, and of the brahmaviharas, are of particular focus. Ann’s meditative life and her professional career as a pedagogical consultant in distance learning intersect in making the liberating teachings of the Buddha accessible to all in the online environment.

Oct 23, 2020 - Oct 29, 2020

Brahmavihāra and Emptiness: A 6-Day Online Practice Course

Bhikkhu Analayo, Ann Dillon, Francisco Morillo Gable, Linda Grace

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