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Aishah Shahidah Simmons

Aishah Shahidah Simmons (she/her) studied closely with the late Black feminist writer and filmmaker Toni Cade Bambara in the early 1990s  She is a Black feminist lesbian cultural worker who has practiced vipassana meditation for 19-years—seventeen years were in the S.N. Goenka tradition. Aishah is the producer/director of the 2006 film, NO! The Rape Documentary, and the editor of the 2020 Lambda Literary Award-winning anthology, Love WITH Accountability: Digging Up the Roots of Child Sexual Abuse (AK Press, 2019). A 2020 Soros Justice Fellow, Aishah is completing her Black feminist trilogy of survivor-centered cultural works that utilize storytelling as a praxis for healing, accountability, and disrupting sexual violence without relying on the carceral state.

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