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The Body in Practice: Embodiments of Mind, Life and Care
Dates: Jun 04, 2020 - Jun 07, 2020
Days: Thu - Sun (3 Nights)

Instructor(s): Marlon Barrios Solano, Margit Galanter

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This course will situate sati as an embodied experience. It proposes “body-fullness” as a more accurate translation than “mindfulness” beyond the mind-body dualism. From this knowing, we recognize embodiment as a foundational, dynamic and fluid cognitive phenomena, culturally, historically, ecologically and socially embedded. We see the practice of sati as an ongoing “enactive” recomposition of awareness in our shared, lived environment.

The intention is to provide practitioners with access to a full-body/s exploration of the plasticity, relationality, and situatedness of our radically embodied condition–through movement, play, meditation, discussion, and reflection. Both meditation and movement practices reveal the ways in which we dynamically compose our experience, and offer tools to navigate the elements of awareness that comprise the creative and shared processes of being embodied in the world. It is our experience that somatic and aesthetically-based movement exploration, in right relation, can support our capacities for spaciousness, flexibility, sensitivity, agency, and empathy. Our focus will be to create an inquiring, yet safe space that nurtures the whole person, including basic practices for self-care and creative growth. For all the activities, a culture of consent will be facilitated, with options for adjusting the practices so they work for particular sensitivities, capabilities and physical needs.

We invite people from diverse backgrounds to attend; the workshop will provide space for both personal and collective inquiry, with attention to the potency of awareness to nurture inclusive, liberatory practices. All practices are offered with a trauma sensitive framework.

Learning Intentions:

To become familiar with the framework of embodied/enactive cognition and its relationship to mindfulness and other contemplative modalities; practice a fuller sense of presence, creativity and a flexible sense of embodied awareness; promote a range of somatic and creative resources for resiliency in order to facilitate being embodied in the world; cultivate reciprocity, vitality and an expanded capacity for emotional regulation; embody creativity through personal and collective movement practices; and to provide an embodied framework for social cognition and the development of a critical ”practice.”

Noble Silence and Mindful Speech:

Noble silence will be observed following the evening session through breakfast the following morning.

Experience Level:

Suitable for both beginning and experienced practitioners.

  • With a background in movement arts, performance studies, cognitive science, and Vipassana/Mindfulness practice, Marlon Barrios Solano investigates the intersections of embodiment, cognition, movement and awareness and their applications to healing, care, knowledge production and art practices. Marlon was a research associate at the Inter-University of Dance/University of The Arts (UDK/HZT) in Berlin (Germany) from 2012 to 2016. He was also a 2017 Hombroich Fellow (Germany) and ICK Amsterdam researcher in residence 2013-14.  Pronouns: He/him/his

  • Margit Galanter is a dance poet and movement culture agent living on Huichin, Ohlone Land, aka California, East Bay. Margit has shared dance, movement, and somatic practices across the globe for decades. Recently, Margit has been focusing on two realms: nature-culture performance projects such as Cave Forms, and the vivid grove — a live art school for moving, learning, creative evolution, and collective liberatory practices. pronouns: she/they/dyke/margit

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