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Skillfully Offering Insight Dialogue
Dates: Jun 08, 2019 - Jun 17, 2019
Days: Sat - Mon (9 Nights)

Instructor(s): Gregory Kramer, Phyllis Hicks

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Open to authorized and active Buddhist teachers across lineages, Vipassana teacher trainees, Community Dharma Leader (CDL) graduates, and people whose main or primary activity is teaching the Dharma for the last five years.  A solid grounding in the Buddhadhamma is important.

If you do not fit the prerequisite, please email jean@metta.org with the answers the following questions:

  • Residential meditation retreat history. Please give number of days and specify the kind (or school) of meditation being practiced.
  • Teaching or facilitation experience. Include past and current engagements in offering meditation or related practices. 
  • How you hope this retreat will support your practice and offerings.

This intensive 9-day retreat is designed to provide a good working foundation for your relational offerings and teaching in general, including but not limited to Insight Dialogue (ID). The intention of this offering is to provide whatever practice and Dharma benefit you might gain personally, and to support teachers to offer this relational insight practice within their current retreats and sanghas. The offering is not intended to train teachers to offer multi-day Insight Dialogue retreats.

This retreat will be held mostly in noble silence with speaking only during ID practice. There will be five-and-a-half days of Insight Dialogue retreat, which will include learning the relational practice along with its immersion in the Dharma, engaging in silent meditation, and some quiet times walking in nature. Then begins a three-and-a-half day guidance to offer ID, both as part of our silent retreats—going into silence and emerging from it–and as a practice for any communities in which we teach. This will include a close look at the ID guidelines, how to offer and frame contemplations taking guidance from the six tenets of the whole life path*. This framework provides a basis for drawing on the wisdom of the Buddha's discourses by first experiencing them intimately and intuitively, and then offering the teachings to others as a living actuality. We will also enhance our understanding of the Dharma through a relational lens and experience the practice of Dharma Contemplation, a text-based group meditation. The three-and-a-half day session will include a lot of “hands on” time, offering the practice to each other, receiving feedback from each other and from the teachers, and reflecting on our experiences.

Partial attendance is not suitable.

Please contact jean@metta.org with any questions regarding the retreat and suitability, and to request a registration link.

*Tenets of a Whole Life Path
1. The Dhamma is the foundation.
2. All the teachings are practices.
3. Nothing is left out and no teaching is left out.
4. All teachings can be experienced here and now.
5. The teachings are to be let in fully.
6. The teachings are engaged individually, in relationship, and socially.

  • Gregory Kramer has been teaching vipassanā since 1980, having been trained by Ven. Ananda Maitreya Mahanayaka Thera, Punnaji Maha Thera, Achan Sobin Namto, and Anagarika Dhammadina. He is the co-creator and developer of Insight Dialogue and teaches this practice and Dharma Contemplation worldwide. He is the founder-director of Metta Foundation and the author of Insight Dialogue: The Interpersonal Path to Freedom. He’s just completed a new book, A Whole Life Path: A Layperson’s Guide to a Dhamma-Infused Life. Formerly a National Endowment for the Arts Composition Fellow and founder of the Electronic Art Ensemble, Gregory still composes and improvises.