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Painting the Sky: Image and Simile in Buddhist Literature
Dates: Jul 14, 2020 - Jul 19, 2020
Days: Tue - Sun (5 Nights)

Instructor(s): Akincano Weber

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Early Buddhist texts, usually known for their rational approach to mind-training, contain a wealth of evocative linguistic imagery: analogies, similes, and parables abound. Rather than speaking to the reasoning mind, these images appeal to the intuitive, the imaginal, the emotive sides in us. This course, in a pleasurable amble through Indian texts, is dedicated to some of the famous and less famous of these images in early Buddhist literature. Emphasis is given to images discussing aspects of meditation.

Learning Intentions:

To come to a deeper understanding regarding the developmental trajectory of mindfulness meditation; appreciate how imagery can appeal to the intuitive aspects of meditative practice; and acquire expertise in dealing with Buddhist texts and their metaphors and imagery.

Noble Silence and Mindful Speech:

Noble silence will be observed following the evening session through breakfast the following morning.


There is a prerequisite of having sat one week-long silent meditation retreat in order to enroll in this retreat.

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The lottery for this course will close on February 15, 2020.
  • Akincano M. Weber is a Swiss scholar-practitioner, psychotherapist, and Buddhist teacher. He has lived as a monastic for 20 years in the Forest monasteries of Thailand and Europe, studied Pali and scriptures, and holds an M.A. in Buddhist psychotherapy. He now lives and practices in Cologne, Germany from where he teaches Dharma, Buddhist Psychology, and meditation internationally.