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Jhanas, Satipatthana and Dependent Origination
Dates: Jul 28, 2017 - Aug 09, 2017
Days: Fri - Wed (12 Nights)

Instructor(s): Jay Michaelson, Mary Aubry

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This retreat combines the two main elements of the Buddha’s model of liberation: cultivating the meditative absorptions (jhānas), which lead to calm and clarity, and insight into the dependent co-origination (paticca-samuppada) of phenomena. As part of our understanding of how these two teachings inform each other, we will look at selected texts from the Pali suttas, including the famous Satipaṭṭhāna Sutta, to highlight both the practice of concentration and insight into dependent co-origination. This course is limited to those who have completed at least two one-week silent vipassana retreats.

  • Mary Aubry leads meditation retreats on insight, the jhānas, abiding in emptiness, and the brahmavihārās.  In addition, she has taught for programs that support mindfully meeting aging, illness, and dying, as well as training meditation companions for the aging, ill, and dying and those who love and care for them.  Mary also offers meditative support to parents of deceased children, having lost her son to cancer in 2015.  Additionally, Mary is one of the facilitating teachers for Bhikkhu Anālayo’s online Satipaṭṭhāna course offered by the Barre Center for Buddhist Studies.  Prior to becoming a full-time meditation teacher, Mary worked as a lawyer at the U.S. Justice Department for 24 years.