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Healing Anxiety in Time of Tumult: A Buddhist & Psychotherapeutic Response
Dates: Jun 12, 2020 - Jun 14, 2020
Online Course

Instructor(s): Pilar Jennings

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As we navigate this time of sudden and dramatic change, stirring fear and anxiety in all forms, the healing arts of the Buddha-Dharma and Western psychology offer needed perspectives and healing methods. In this course we’ll explore a Buddhist and psychodynamic understanding of anxiety, its causes and personal symptoms. Together we’ll examine a contemplative response to this powerful form of suffering as a way to cull meaning and offer support to those who experience anxiety and its many ripple effects. With a focus on interpersonal dynamics and collective triggers, we will learn about key relational and developmental experiences that generate feelings and behaviors associated with anxiety. We will also explore how these early dynamics can inform and intensify anxiety during this pandemic.

Learning Intentions:

To learn about the clinical applications of Buddhist meditation and breathwork for patients with anxiety; better understand interpersonal and developmental issues contributing to anxiety; identify key intersubjective dynamics between Buddhist teachers and students, and therapists and patients that contribute to anxiety; and learn about the resonant though contrasting perspectives on psychological suffering and its working through in psychotherapeutic and Buddhist theory.

Experience Level:

This course will be relevant to meditators of all experience levels and clinicians interested in the clinical applications of Buddhist meditation.

Online Course: Our intention is to build sangha and provide meaningful virtual interactions with each other and teachers in our online courses. When registering for an online course, please note that you should plan to commit to attending all scheduled sessions. The schedule of Zoom meetings for this course (shown in Eastern Daylight Time), as well as the schedule for when content will be available, is as follows:



6:00 - 8:00 pm, Opening Session



10:00 - 1:00 pm, First Session

2:30 - 5:00 pm, Second Session



10:00 - 1:00 pm, Closing Session


CEs: The application for 10 continuing education credits for psychologists and social workers have been approved for this course. We are not able to offer CEs for Counselors (NBCC). Please contact us at contact@buddhistinquiry.org for the status of CE accreditation. Click here for more information. If applying for CEs, attendance at all sessions is required. To register for CE credit, please contact us at contact@buddhistinquiry.org no later than Wednesday, June 8. Registration for CEs cannot take place after the first date of the course.


Course Brochure

  • Dr. Pilar Jennings is a psychoanalyst based in New York City with a focus on the clinical applications of Buddhist meditation practice. She has been a Buddhist practitioner for 40 years; a teacher of Tibetan Buddhism in the Sakya lineage; a Visiting Lecturer at Union Theological Seminary; Columbia University; and a faculty member of the Nalanda Institute for Contemplative Science.